Colin Butler
Colin Butler

The Cathedral of Junk

The Cathedral of Junk

Art Direction, Editorial Design

The Cathedral of Junk stands quietly in the backyard of a small house on a suburban street on the south side of Austin, Texas. The hollow framework of improvised architecture is meticulously wired and packed with all manner of odds and ends: hubcaps, car bumpers, kitchen utensils, ladders, cables, bottles, circuit boards, bicycle parts, compact discs, crutches, and many other items– some of which are unidentifiable.

Donations assure that the Cathedral of Junk will remain a popular and eccentric cultural site in the Austin community. Visitors to the Cathedral who make a donation may take home a copy of this annual newsprint publication.


Harbour by Alias
Adobe Garamond
Trade Gothic by Linotype

Color Palette
The CMYK palette is inspired by the medium— the foundation of print.


Letterforms are used to create graphics inspired by architectural forms found within the exhibit as well as those found within classic Gothic architecture.


Inspired by traditional book design, this publication features extra large margins, narrow columns, and embellished drop caps. Overprint decorative pull quotes add further architectural elements.

Photography by Colin Butler

Fold-Out Poster
289 x 380 mm


Junk Cathedrali
Excerpt translated into Latin and used as a graphic element.